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About us

Focusing on insolvency

Ever since Ackordscentralen was founded by Sweden's trade associations 150 years ago, our mission has been to help companies experiencing payment or profitability problems. Today we are a nationwide organisation working quickly and effectively with the help of bespoke teams made up of the experienced lawyers and specialists needed to provide constructive help with everything from business reorganisation and insolvency management to general advice.

Since we are owned by an independent foundation (Stiftelsen Ackordscentralen), we are independent of any special interests or profit interests. This means we are able to balance our clients' interests objectively against those of creditors, employees and society at large.

Ackordscentralen stands for long-term successful enterprise,
as we have since 1857 – for ourselves and for our clients.

Our social responsibility

Ackordscentralen is an important partner for Swedish government agencies in consultations prior to legislation. We also promote research, education and training, and award scholarships for academic work associated with our operations.