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Ackordscentralen – konsten att rädda värden.

The art of saving value

Things can change quickly. Even a company that seems to be thriving can find itself in financial difficulties.

Our task is to help companies experiencing payment or profitability problems to develop, improve or reorganise their business – and we do so with great success. As well as being responsible for most business reorganisations in Sweden, we also have the highest survival rate. Seven out of ten business reorganisations that we accept are successful and sustainable.

Our strength is that we can hand-pick specialists from our offices throughout Sweden and create bespoke teams, which can use their experience and know-how to effectively and responsibly address their task – to save value.

News from Ackordscentralen

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bild-ikon-huvudart-eng_2013_205x275-mm.jpgRead about the Dewey & LeBoeuf bankruptcy.
Interview with Jonathan A. Mitchell, Zolfo Cooper, the official receiver of Dewey & LeBoeuf, Ackordcentralen Nyheter No 4 2013 (in english).
The Dewey & LeBouef bankruptcy

Ackordscentralen – bespoken team with a focus on insolvency

Ackordscentralen – bespoke team with a focus on insolvency


Ackordscentralen Nyheter nr 4 2013
Read Ackordscentralen Nyheter in Swedish