Focusing on reorganisation, bankruptcy and insolvency.

The Ackordscentralen Foundation owns AC-Gruppen AB, which is the parent company of the operating subsidiaries Ackordscentralen Stockholm AB, Ackordscentralen Väst AB, Ackordscentralen Syd AB and Ackordscentralen Norrland AB.

Ackordscentralen was founded in 1857 by The Gothenburg Merchant Association. Initially, Ackordscentralen served as an information bureau regarding traders’ creditworthiness. In the early 1900s, separate composition and bankruptcy departments were set up. In 1998, Ackordscentralen was transformed into a foundation.

The Statutes of the Foundation state that it shall:

  • assist companies with payment or profitability issues with regard to company reorganisation and insolvency cases taking into account the interests of suppliers, other creditors, employees and society at large.
  • Promote business and change of management procedures that aim to create and maintain profitable companies.
  • Promote research and education regarding issues related to the business.

Ackordscentralen is also a referral body for legislative work relating to our business area.

The history of Ackordscentralen’s first 150 years
Ackordcentralen was born out of three merchant associations: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. The Gothenburg Merchant Association was formed in 1857, after which The Stockholm Merchant Association was founded in 1858, and the Malmo Merchant Association followed in 1880.

The merchant associations' information gathering network
The merchant associations built a nationwide network of agents reporting on the creditworthiness of local traders, thus acting as the merchant's information gathering service. Reporting was by way of an ingenious code system, and a common evaluation scale which together created a new solvency checking system - a wholly Swedish invention.

Ackordscentralen is formed
In 1907, the merchant associations took a joint decision to set up separate composition and bankruptcy divisions. In 1929, the three divisions formally became a supervisory board, which initially provided information and a forum for discussion. It was later named Ackordscentralen. The first president of Ackordscentralen was Knut August Almgren, who was a reputable and colourful businessman in the silk manufacturing sector. Ackordscentralen’s first 100 years was the era of solvency information reporting, small compositions and insolvency matters, whilst decades later it was to be dominated by company reorganisations and bankruptcies.

The Ackordscentralen Foundation
Since 1998, the management structure of Ackordscentralen has been owned and operated by The Ackordscentralen Foundation. The Ackordscentralen Foundation owns AC-Gruppen AB, which is the parent company of subsidiaries operating in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Umeå, Borås, and Kristianstad.

You can read more about us and about our focus on reorganisation, bankruptcy and insolvency here.

The first 150 years from merchant associations to Ackordscentralen 1857-2007

Ackordscentralen was born from merchant associations

The members of the board from left to right: Bertil Hult, Sten-Anders Gustafsson, Suzanne Norrby, Peter Lindblad, Rolf Dotevall, Mikael Kubu

Ackordscentralen’s board
The Board of The Ackordscentralen Foundation in 2018 is comprised of:

Peter Lindblad, Chairman
Member of the Board since 1998.
Other assignments: Chairman of the insurance company: Nordic Guarantee, Member of Board of the Ericsson Pension Fund, Member of the Board Valueguard AB.

Rolf Dotevall
Doctor of Law, Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Gothenborg School Business, Economics and Law.

Rolf Dotevall is the author of books and articles regarding civil law, and has had various academic assignments, and has often acted as an expert in his field. He has been a guest professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and is a member of the European Law Institute.

Sten-Anders Gustafsson
Partner Regionakademien AB
Other assignments: Member of the Board of Västerbotten’s Youth Entrepreneurs and Vice-Chairman of Coompanion Nord.

Bertil Hult
Partner Erneholm Haskel AB
Other assignments: Chairman of Max Matthiessen AB, Chairman of Asia Growth Capital Markets AB.

Mikael Kubu
Head of Group for Ackordscentralen

Suzanne Norrby
Head of Operations Sten K Johnsons Foundation
Other assignments: Board member, The Sparbank Fund Finn, Board member, Ideon Fund, Board member The Montelin Foundation, Chair of AF-Sällskapet.