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Versatile business law expertise
Our employees have expertise in both Ackordscentralen’s core legal practices as well as in general business law. In numerous cases there are complex business law issues such as the execution of agreements, formation and winding-up of companies, company transfers, contractual legal issues, property law issues, claims for damages, and other claims and disputes. We have substantial experience, a broad competence and considerable capacity to work on national and international assignments. We incisively support the development of our clients’ undertakings by way of our high level of performance-orientated service and availability in core business areas.

Company law
Company law is a part of business law and focuses on sole proprietorship companies, partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Company law affects all entrepreneurs regardless of the type and size of their business. The Swedish Companies Act is one of the most important statutes for the Swedish business community as it regulates the distribution of duties regarding limited liability companies, and how companies are to be formed. Within company law, we regularly assist our clients with assignments such as the drafting of shareholders’ agreements.

Contract law and the purchase of goods
The basis of contract law in Sweden is governed by The Swedish Contract Act, which is essentially dispositive legislation implying that the parties may waive provisions set out in this legislation. The way a contract is drafted may have a decisive impact. Therefore, the Act addresses aspects such as the conclusion of agreements, actions undertaken by way of a power of attorney, and the invalidity of certain acts.
Contractual issues are fundamental to any business undertaking, not only by way of the agreement per se, but also as an essential tool whereby the parties define their relationship. Legislation regarding the purchase of goods and services primarily deals with agreements and purchases of goods between a legal entity and an individual or between private persons.

Real Estate Law
The Land Code, the basis for Real Estate Law, governs the ownership of real estate and its transfer. In addition, it stipulates rules regarding issues which arise from real property errors and omissions. We assist our clients with issues regarding ownership, utilisation, letting, as well as the management of commercial real estate.

Corporate acquisition is a decision-making process based on knowledge about the company to be acquired or sold. One of the questions is whether or not the shares or participations in the company are to be acquired or sold. We contribute to collecting and analysing information about the company prior to an acquisition or any other strategic change. This is performed by way of an in-depth company survey, often referred to as a due diligence investigation.

The due diligence procedure is primarily a tool for a decision-making process to be used by the management of the acquiring company. Second, it is a fundamental negotiation instrument. The due diligence may be more or less extensive, and is dependent on how large or complex is the business being conducted by the target company, or how well a buyer knows the company, its market and sector.

Credit law
Credit law regulates various forms of money lending within their related activities, and is based on credit regulations including debt security law, promissory note law, hire-purchase agreements between traders, consumer credit laws, the laws governing limitations, movable goods, third-party pledges and company mortgage legislation.

We can advise on all issues that may arise concerning insolvency. These include company reorganisation, compositions, receivership, liquidation, and other solutions that address payment and liquidity issues. Ackordscentralen is one of the major players in this area of the law. Read more here.

Dispute Resolution
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution can be considered as fundamental areas of the law. Most business relationships benefit from the parties' efforts to resolve their conflicts and many disagreements can be resolved through mediation. However, in cases where this is not possible a court or arbitration panel may be required to decide the outcome of a dispute.

Our list of business law assignments is substantial.

AC Affärsjuridik Norrland
Our office in Umeå assists companies with general business law advice. Read more about AC Affärsjuridik Norrland and its business law competence.