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Information to affected creditors of International Automotive Components Group Sweden AB (”IAC Sweden”).

IAC Sweden entered into bankruptcy proceedings in Sweden on 27 June 2024 and Mikael Kubu was appointed as bankruptcy administrator. For proof of appointment, please refer to Proof of appointment from the district court of Gothenburg.

The bankruptcy estate of IAC Sweden (the “bankruptcy estate”) has decided to continue operating the business until it can be transferred to a buyer. A transfer of the business is currently expected to take place at the earliest by the end of August 2024.

If you are affected by the bankruptcy please see below for information.

To affected suppliers of IAC 240627 w appendix

IAC Bankrupcty trustee Letter to Suppliers

Information billing address


If you/your company has outstanding claims against IAC Sweden for services or goods delivered incurred prior to the bankruptcy date, please note that the bankruptcy estate is prohibited by legislation from paying such claims. The surplus in the bankruptcy will be distributed among the creditors in accordance with applicable law. Further, for information on the Swedish bankruptcy process in general, please refer to the links below. For information on how to lodge a claim in the bankruptcy, please see Notice of insolvency proceeding - IAC and Lodgement of claims - IAC.

If you are an employee, please refer to Information to employees in bankruptcy 2024 for further information.

General information on Swedish bankruptcy proceedings in summary can be found on below links.

Bankruptcy - Ackordscentralen

European e-Justice Portal - Insolvency/bankruptcy (