Nynas reorganisation.

Södertörn's District Court approved an extension of Nynas AB’s company reorganisation the 15th of June for another three months, until September 15, 2020. To take part of the District Court´s protocol in Swedish, please click here.

The US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) announced the 12th of May that Nynas is no longer being blocked pursuant to the Venezuela Sanctions Regulations, please click here for the press release in English and here for the Swedish version.


Friday 13 December 2019, the district court of Södertörn granted a petition regarding the initiation of a company rOn eorganisation of Nynas AB (publ). The court appointed Mikael Kubu, from Ackordscentralen, and Lars Eric Gustafsson, from Schjødt, as administrators. The operations of Nynas AB will continue unchanged. Questions from reporters will be answered by the public relations department of Nynas. Updates regarding the company reorganisation will continuously be published at nynas.comschjodt.com and ackordcentralen.se.

The administrators and Nynas have established a preliminary reorganisation plan to be presented at the creditors meeting on 24 January 2020. In order to take part of the preliminary reorganisation plan, please click here. For the preliminary reorganisation plan in Swedish, please click here (svensk version).

Nynas has on March 12 2020 filed a request to the District Court of Södertörn that the reorganisation shall continue for an additional three-month term. The administrators endorse the request and have suggested that the district court of Södertörn decides in accordance with Nynas request, click here and here. For the request and the remarks in Swedish, please click here and here.

The District Court of Södertörn has on March 20 2020, granted the request that the reorganisation shall continue for an additional three-month term.

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